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Disc golf is a super fun game that’s a bit like regular golf but with frisbees.
Here’s how it works:

Starting Point: Instead of a golf ball and club, we use a frisbee. We start at a special area called the tee. There’s a target, like a metal basket with hanging chains, somewhere in the distance.

Throwing: Just like when you throw a frisbee with your friends, you stand at the tee and try to throw the frisbee toward the target. But here’s the cool part – you want to get it there in as few throws as possible!

  1. Holes: The target, or the “hole,” is like the place you want the frisbee to land in. It has a basket with hanging chains that help catch the frisbee. You aim to get your frisbee into the basket.

  2. Counting Throws: After each throw, you count how many times you threw the frisbee. The fewer throws you take to get it into the basket, the better!

  3. Moving Forward: Once you get the frisbee into the basket, you move to the next tee. It’s like moving to the next “hole” in regular golf.

  4. Finishing the Course: You repeat this process for each “hole” until you finish the whole course. The person who completes the course with the fewest throws is the winner!

Disc golf is awesome because it’s a great way to be outside, enjoy the fresh air, and have a blast with friends. Plus, it’s super easy to learn. So grab a frisbee, find a disc golf course, and start tossing those frisbees toward victory! Have fun! 🥏⛳️

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