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Along the way Bucket List - Texas to Florida, USA via 10E

KOA West Glacier. USA

West Glacier KOA Resort is absolutely the best and super close to the West Glacier entrance.

In September, we had our 1st experience at a KOA after watching Travelling Robert tour the Glacier National Park. We knew we had to get there sooner than later because we wanted to check out the Glaciers ❄️ before it becomes HISTORY (glaciers❄️ are projected to disappear by 2030 ❄️   )

Link to Travelling Roberts show 👉 Click here
Read more about the disappearing glaciers 👉Click here

Amenities at KOA in West Glacier open from May-Oct

They do have wifi, however the connection was poor at the time we were there so plan ahead

Cellphone service is also spotty