North Dakota

Having completed our lengthy stay in Minnesota (state of origin), we looked into the Dakota states as our gateway to the Rocky mountain region and the Pacific North West for our Fall travels. We have been to South Dakota one time (in the past, when we stayed in MN and could only manage to travel during summer break), so we decided to spend a week in North Dakota and get to know more about the peace garden state . We were so happy to have found an airbnb rental in Hazen ND as we were worried we would not get any accomodations since ND is not a popular place to travel to. Alot of people kept asking us “what are you going to do in North Dakota?” and so here are the highlights of our North Dakota trip

Theodore Roosevelt National Park

President Theodore Roosevelt loved this area way before he became president and this inspired him to protect wildlife and public lands. We hiked in the North unit, exploring the ever changing beautiful landscape and saw bison and prairie dogs. Our kids enjoyed climbing the cannonball concretions.

Lake Sakakawea state park.

Lake Sakakawea is the 3rd largest man-made lake in the US and it has a very beautiful long shoreline. We hiked a small portion of the North country trail which runs into Vermont.

Scandinavian Heritage Park

The only outdoor museum in the world that features replicas from all five Nordic countries; Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway, and Sweden. We learned about the Scandinavian heritage as we took a self guided tour of the park, toured inside the big church called Gol Stave Church Museum. The kids walked away with a little more knowledge about geography-specifically Europe!

Rugby North Dakota

No we did not play Rugby at this place. Rugby is the Geographical Center of North America and the name of the town was inspired by a famous railroad junction in Rugby in Warwickshire, England, in the hope of attracting English settlers to ND. is located in this ; We stood at the center of US, Canada, and Mexico.

We also invested in the Annual National Park pass which will cover entrance fees to national parks/wildlife refuges/national forests/grasslands-Yes, it makes sense if you are travelling all over the States or just LOVE going to national parks. 

Thanks to the wonderful youth ministers at, we randomly stopped here while waiting for our car to be serviced (getting brand new tires to prepare for the drive in the rocky mountain states), our kids thoroughly enjoyed themselves in the game room while we fellowshipped with the youth ministers.


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