Georgia Travel Guide


We put this helpful Georgia Travel Guide together for you to make traveling in the peach state a breeze. Georgia, named after King George II of Great Britain, is a state in the Southeastern region of the United States, and was the last and southernmost of the original Thirteen Colonies to be established. There is an interesting blend of historic and modern aspects considering cities like Atlanta, Augusta, Columbus and Savannah.
Nick name-Peach state


  1. World’s Largest Sculpture
    The World’s Largest Sculpture is located on the face of Stone Mountain-  The figures of Confederate President Jefferson Davis and Generals Stonewall Jackson and Robert E. Lee are depicted as well as Lee’s horse, Traveler. Stone Mountain, near Atlanta, is one of the largest single masses of exposed granite in the world.
  2. Georgia Aquarium
    One of the world’s largest aquarium Georgia Aquarium, where you can see whale sharks, beluga whales, dolphin shows and many others. Check out our Aferican Journey Facebook Post that went viral. In this post we share, tips for booking, what to expect when you get there and an estimated timeframe needed to maximize your visit.
  3. Civil Rights history – The National Center for civil and human rights is the place to visit if you are looking for an impactful and informative experience and to learn about achievements of the Civil Rights Movement of the 1960s led by Martin Luther King Jr. There are lots of interactive and multimedia displays- we saw drafts of his letters from Birmingham jail, browsed through a gallery that showed racial segregation and also looked at the global and recent efforts for human rights. This visit was an emotional experience for us. Martin Luther
    King Jr. National Historic Site, Martin Luther King Jr’s birth place, a civil rights walk of fame museum, and Ebenezer Baptist Church are all within walking distance of each other.
    (Please note that at the time of our visit in April 2021, the Historic Site, birth place, and church were closed).

  4. Fernbank Museum
    During our time in Georgia, we also visited the Fernbank Museum which is a natural history museum that is very educational and has a variety of fun engaging things for kids to do, they also have an outdoor playground and a beautiful nature walking trail. 
  5. Atlanta Zoo
    We also checked out the Atlanta Zoo which offers a lot of fun activities for the young ones and also one of the 3 zoos in the US where you can find giant Pandas. In order to get to the zoo, we bought tickets via CityPass tickets, as we also wanted to check out other attractions like the #worldofcocacola #gerogiaaquarium #fernbankmuseum. We also made an appointment online for our timed entry and paid for parking. During the tour (2-3hrs) of the Atlanta zoo, we appreciated the sanitization stations everywhere, masks are mandatory for anyone 2yrs and up. We enjoyed seeing the pandas flamingos and the reptile exhibit was phenomenal.

  6. Savannah Historic District
    Hop on and off the trolley tours, it’s a great way to get around and learn
    history, eat lunch then get back on as you check out the historic town. Visit the Georgia state railroad museum- historic railcars, guided tours and train rides on either a steam locomotive or diesel locomotive and Savannah children’s museum
  7. Historical Plantations
    There are plenty in Georgia from the coastal plains to the rolling hills of the Piedmont region. We visited the Hofwyl-Broadfield Plantation located in the marshlands of the Altamaha river. Hofwyl-Broadfield was owned and occupied by the same family from 1804 to 1973 and was a center for rice cultivation in the 19th century. As we toured the plantation house, we noticed the strong federal influences; large farmhouse with the original kitchen, cabin connected to the house by long passages, an ornate marble fireplace in the dining room, there were many rare pieces depicted in the furniture’s of the house. Outside, there are very large oak trees, most of which are very old, old ruins (perhaps old rice mills) and many other outbuildings which served as barns, ice houses and paints a picture about the lives of the African-American slaves and planters.
  8. Centennial Olympic Park
    At Centennial Olympic Park you can take a walk at this beautiful well-maintained park that is located in downtown Atlanta, has the Olympic sign and is surrounded by other touristy spots e.g CNN, World of Coca-Cola, Mercedez Benz Stadium, the world college football museum etc or host an event with your family and friends. The water fountains are beautiful and there are a lot of spots where you can take great pictures. You can also ride the famous ferris wheel (at small cost). There are plenty of hangout spots and a children’s play area
  9. World of Coca-Cola
    The headquarters for Coca-Cola is located in Atlanta, so if you love a cold Coke, you’ve got Georgia to thank! because John Pemberton created the formula of this popular drink at a
    drugstore in Columbus, Georgia in May 1886. In this Facebook post we share, tips for booking, what to expect when you get to the World of Coca-Cola and an estimated timeframe needed to optimize your visit.
  10. Beaches and Islands
    Jekyll Island (famous for exclusive hunting club for families with names like Rockefeller, Morgan etc) is the southernmost island of the Golden Isles and a vacation destination for
    3500yrs+. Driftwood Beach is quite interesting, pine and oak trees (some fully exposed) remain here and almost looks like a graveyard of trees. Apparently, this area used to be a maritime forest and as erosion happened decade after decade, the trees became uprooted and died. Today you can visit this place to stargaze at night, have a morning picnic or even soak in the afternoon sun


Georgia Accommodation 

Most of the major hotel chains are in Georgia but to get a taste of the true Old South, consider staying in a unique place. Whether this is on a secluded island or an Airbnb located in a historic place, there are so many options to explore. We stayed at an airbnb in Darien GA to explore the historical aspect and at a hotel in downtown to indulge in what the city had to offer.

Local Food In Georgia

Local cuisine at one of the restaurants, or at an event, farmers market or festivals. The Southern hospitality is outpouring, and you get generous portions when you’re eating out. Common dishes include barbecues (pork or beef brisket), shrimp, cornmeal, biscuits, fried chicken, fried okra and even fried green tomatoes.

Transportation In Georgia

In Atlanta, the metro system is good if you want to do that instead of a uber. There are plenty of surface lot and garage parking within the city. You can also take the MARTA, which is their rail system. We recommend staying in a hotel downtown and walking to the sites.  The Atlanta city’s subway can get you from the airport to Downtown in 20 minutes. When used with tram which has 12 stops over 2.7 miles, you can get around most of the neighborhoods. Outside of Atlanta, uber and taxi services are available.

Our Atlanta trip roadmap


Pack Small and Pack Like a Pro A light luggage makes it easier to travel and can also save you costs when ti comes to baggage fees (if flying). Pack early and pack thoughtfully, this is the time to explore and enjoy so find some balance in terms of what you normally do and what you would want to do when travelling e.g you don’t need 5 pairs of high heel shoes, instead opt for 2 pairs of comfy shoes.
Get The Menu of the Day When eating out. Stick to a well-balanced meal, Avoid foods that could trigger your system and make your travels a health restoration initiative
Splurge on the City Passes  Its cheaper when you bundle all site visits.
Couch Surf  The Southern hospitality is mind blowing and you may know a friend or family member who resides or knows someone who resides in GA. As you may be focused on indulging and exploring, the time you spend in your hotel room or Airbnb may be limited to just sleeping so invest more on the indulging and exploring and less on the prettiness of the hotel. Of course safety first.
Milestone Trips Don’t forget to mention any special moments you may be celebrating during travel e.g honeymoon, wedding, graduation, birthday. You can get complimentary services or reduced rates by simply mentioning this to the flight attendants, waiters, hotel managers, event coordinators.
Take Advantage of Discounts Depending on your age, association to military, or affiliation to an institution, you may get a discount or get in for free. Before making final reservations, call and mention your status in the society and ask if the hotel, restaurant, event site provides discounts for such groups


Things you need to know before traveling to Georgia.

  1. In Georgia the governor lifted all restrictions recently so businesses are beginning to change their opening hours and such, but we recommend checking websites first, as some may not be doing it yet.

  2. In Georgia you have to buy your tickets online and make reservations online for your entry to the sites, please call the office line for information as this is subject to change.

  3. Be sure to try to book weeks in advance (recommend 1-2 weeks) in order to ensure a spot in the covid era in Georgia.

  4. When trying to book things to do in Georgia, it might be smart to check days and times for opening even the park had restricted days when they are open and closed.

  5. It’s always a good idea to have an extra set of masks packed, just in case you run out and it is mandatory to enter Georgia State sponsored museums. Its easy to lose masks when travelling so keeping an extra set is handy.

  6. Always remember to bring a light snack and water so you are self sufficient and can avoid crowded areas e.g standing in line buying food in Georgia.

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