Florida, also known as the Sunshine state is located in the southern east region of USA and has hundreds of miles of beaches, has a pleasant climate that has enabled a natural beauty and reminds us of the Equatorial climate that is also seen in the East African region including Kenya


Beaches Whether it’s taking long walks at sunset time or simply relaxing at the beach watching the ocean waves, there is so much to do given the variety of beaches in Florida. We really enjoyed the white sandy beaches at Panama City Beach which is right of the Gulf of Mexico. We also had a great time at Laguna beach, Hudson beach and Miramar beach. Our 3 kids had so much fun collecting sea shells at the beach and bird feathers, they even drew on the sand using those feathers and they would play catch and release with the sea shells and the ocean waves. We made a beautiful artwork using seashells collected at the beach`
Florida Historic Coast Did you know that St Augustine in Florida is one of the nations oldest city? Given the pleasant climate in Florida, you can stroll the historic district year-round and get an experience that makes you feel you are in a different world. Bring your family and spend a day strolling the historic district or invite a couple of friends and get together for a road trip. We visited the Castillo de San Marcos National monument and learned about the influence of early Spanish empire, delightfully enjoyed homemade ice-cream at one of the storefronts and encountered tourists from all corners of the world. Whether its architecture, art, unique dining options, culture, unique lodging options, boutiques, live music and performances, there is a little bit of something for you in this special place
Outdoor Adventures The natural landscape of Florida offers a habitat for various flora and fauna species. We did not get to visit the Everglades National park but were blessed enough to visit few state parks for hiking and sight-seeing adventures. We discovered the All-Trails app which lets you learn from the community, allows you to explore with confidence and even allows you to post your own review of your experience. In Weeki Wachee gardens, we thoroughly enjoyed the 4mile hike in xxx park which reminded us of the famous Tarzan character, and we even took few swings off the branches, In Panama City Beach we hit our record milestone for hiking at 6.5miles with our 3 children.



If you love beautiful beaches, rent a condo right on the beach. Feel free to call the rental
owner or management and ask for an ocean front room. If you chose to stay at a place that is not close to the
beach, consider the distance to the beach and available rental options, you could drive to the beach or rent a golf
cart and ride it to the beach or do what we did which is walk to the beach. Walking to the beach is so much
convenient as you are never guaranteed to find an ideal parking spot


Visit any place in the panhandle area closer to or during summer, the weather can be a little cooler
during the fall and winter months. We were in the pan handle area in January and February of 2021 and we
enjoyed the weather because it was so much better compared to what we would have been experiencing if we
were still in Minnesota. Visit the South part of Florida during the fall and winter months if you do not want one bit
of cold because it gets slightly cold in late December and early January and remains warm throughout the other


When you think about food in Florida, think exotic, variety of cuisines e.g gator bites, fish of all kinds, key
lime pie, bbq etc. Our favorite was back beach barbeque in PCB, we enjoyed the convenience of being able to
walk in, place an order, get it within 5min and opt for the indoor or outdoor seating available! The pulled pork and brisket were very delicious. You can also get a discount if you are a veteran, 1st responder, military. We did not get to try Cuban food, and next time we will definitely add this on our list.


Sun Protection Yes! Sun protection is very important when travelling in Florida. Due to its geographical location, the sun rays are strongest in Florida. Equip your self with sunscreen because damage occurs very quickly and can paralyze your adventure since you will need a couple of days to stay indoors and recover. NO one wants to go to Florida and stay indoors, its miserable and can be costly if you need emergency help. Plan your outdoor events early enough in the day and beat the heat rush.
Pack small and pack like a pro light luggage makes it easier to travel and can also save you costs when it comes to baggage fees (if flying). Pack early and pack thoughtfully, this is the time to explore and enjoy so find some balance in terms of what you normally do and what you would want to do when travelling e.g you don’t need 5 pairs of high heel shoes, instead opt for 2 pairs of comfy shoes.
Get the menu of the day When eating out. Stick to a well-balanced meal, Avoid foods that could trigger your system and make your travels a health restoration initiative
Social Media Join a local community and learn from the locals about any events happening you will find that there are so many free events available and others available at low cost. You are more likely to learn a lot from these local events. Facebook is a great medium for joining local groups, you can search for groups by entering the city name on the search bar and filtering for Groups-some groups are free and public, others are private.
Milestone trips Don’t forget to mention any special moments you may be celebrating during travel e.g honeymoon, wedding, graduation, birthday. You can get complimentary services or reduced rates by simply mentioning this to the flight attendants, waiters, hotel managers, event coordinators.
Status in society Depending on your age, association to military, or affiliation to an institution, you may get a discount or get in for free. Before making final reservations, call and mention your status in the society and ask if the hotel, restaurant, event site provides discounts for such groups

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